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4 Compact Bathroom Trends Happening Now

4 Compact Bathroom Trends Happening Now

Maximize your small bathroom with these hot tips for storage, pattern and color.

If you think your bathroom is too tiny to make an impact, it’s time to rethink. Whether it’s a brand new powder room or a small hallway bathroom in your retro home, there’s a lot you can do — and in most cases with less of a financial investment than a bigger space would need.

Here are a few teeny bathroom trends to consider when giving yours a style and color refresh.

1. Bring On the Wallpaper

It might seem counterintuitive to cover a little bathroom in pattern and color, but the right wallpaper can actually prove to be transformational in the perfect way. Not only does it present an opportunity to bring some personality to the room, but the risk factor doesn’t seem as high as papering a central part of your home, like the living room. If you have a wallpaper you adore but have been unsure about using it in other places, your bathroom could be the perfect fit.

Choosing finishes and shades of paint to complement the wallpaper goes a long way in pulling off a successful design, so be certain you have all components locked in before jumping into your project head first. Also, if you like the appearance of wallpaper but can’t fit it into your budget, try a wall stencil instead. There are countless options available online.

2. Incorporate Blue Hues

Blue tends to work well in smaller bathroom spaces, particularly lighter shades. Not only do they have a calming effect, but they also seem to integrate easily with existing components. Generally, bathrooms feature elements with cooler undertones, such as porcelain toilets and sinks and chrome fixtures. Light blue tones complement them and contribute to a spa-like atmosphere, even in a compact area.

After you’ve picked the ideal shade of blue for your bathroom, it’s time to focus on the finish. Seek out a paint type well-suited to high-moisture spaces to avoid the risk of it peeling.

3. Go Mobile With Storage

Lack of storage is one of the complaints most heard when it comes to small bathrooms. If you find that your bathroom doesn’t have enough built-in storage space, consider incorporating mobile storage. For example, an oversized wicker basket is a great solution for stashing folded towels.

The ability to reposition your storage pieces, whether floating shelves next to the sink, partitions inside drawers, or baskets to corral bathroom necessities, will keep them applicable as your needs change in the future. Because, let’s face it: Something as simple as adopting a new skincare regimen can throw off your entire bathroom storage situation!

4. Use Tile for Personality

Not a fan of wallpaper but are still interested in boosting the character of your compact bathroom? Getting creative with tile might be the way to go. Penny tiles in a bold hue or a fun stripe with subway tile are great ways to inject some personality. And this strategy doesn’t have to be restricted to just the bathtub or shower — use it to jazz up the floor or walls. For example, tiling the walls halfway brings a touch of vintage charm, in addition to being easy to clean and maintain.

While color is welcome in a small bathroom, it might be a good idea to stay more traditional with fixtures like sinks and toilets by keeping them basic white, unless dealing with existing vintage elements.

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