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5 Tile Trends Happening Right Now

5 Tile Trends Happening Right Now

Check out these trending tile design ideas and find inspiration for your kitchen, bathroom and more.

Whether your taste leans toward a more natural look or if you’re of the opinion that more is more, there is a tile trend to match your aesthetic. From unique installations to bold color and elevated grout, today’s tile trends have something for everyone.

1. Maximalist Color

We’re currently in a maximalist era where color is embraced and celebrated, but getting color right is a whole other matter. Not knowing where to begin makes the task a daunting one. When it comes to color, the best place to start is by choosing a basic color family that is pleasing to you and helps further your aesthetic vision. Find a tile color that makes you happy and goes with your style, long term.

What colors are trending right now? Shades of mauve and green, although green never really goes out of style completely. Good design has an inherent timelessness to it, so if you pick green in a tone you love, it will most likely continue to bring life to your home for many years to come.

As for mauve, use it like you would a neutral — but with a little extra pizzazz. Warm and cool tones work well with mauve and it tends to have a soothing effect in pretty much any setting. Use mauve in a bathroom for a rich, luxury feel.

2. Classic Materials

Tiles with authenticity are making a comeback by returning to classic materials like terra-cotta and stone. This includes welcoming handcrafted offerings in a bid to embrace the imperfect. For example, where it was once necessary to explain color variations in clay tiles or justify rustic finishes to designers, they now already understand and seek them out.

One handcrafted clay offering called ‘Zellige tile’ plays up to the authenticity movement through irregularities not only in tile size and shape, but also surface texture. While these natural materials bring interest and personality to projects, they do come at a cost. Large slabs don’t fit into a lot of decorating budgets, so creating tiles from these materials is a way to make them accessible to more people, in addition to broadening overall design options.

3. Imaginative Installations

By approaching your tile installation with a fresh perspective, particularly concerning classic materials, you’ll end up with a lively, contemporary style. For example, changing the orientation of your tile from horizontal to vertical injects a more modern aesthetic, so styles ranging from eclectic to Midcentury are a perfect fit. In addition, vertical tiles can draw attention to or create the illusion of tall ceilings in your home.

Continuing on the subject of height, creating the illusion of taller ceilings is a cinch when you run tile above eye level. Take it all the way up to the ceiling rather than just halfway up the wall.

4. Dynamic Grout

Did you know that grout can be considered a design element? It’s true. Grout is an essential part of every tile installation and can actually make or break a project. While careful installation is key to avoid constant cleaning and other tile issues, there are ways to have some fun with grout. When looked at from a design standpoint, contrasting grout color with the tiles helps make a pattern stand out, while using a matching grout color creates a more subtle appearance. For a playful vibe that is sure to bring a smile, consider pairing your white tiles with a fun color.

5. Custom Tiles

Much like hand-painted floors have been rising in popularity recently, hand-painted tiles are also having a moment and have the ability to make their mark in a cost-effective way. Just by including a few hand-painted tiles in your design, you can bring large amounts of beauty and character to your home. For tight budgets, installing hand-painted tiles on a compact powder room floor is a great option, as is using them as a focal point behind your stove.

As far as style goes, florals and patterns are really hot right now, so mixing and matching with hand-painted varieties plays right into the maximalist trend. Even if money is no object, containing these bold trends into a smaller space can keep your tile from being too overwhelming or busy looking, while still letting them serve as a focal point.

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