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5 Top Trends for Fall Decorating

5 Top Trends for Fall Decorating

Get away from the same old decorating ideas this year and give your home an unexpected fall makeover instead. Here are five trending ideas to bring a fresh new look.

1. Autumn Porch Displays

This season’s hottest trend is leaning towards what designers are calling “porchscapes.” What are they? Elaborately decorated, fall-themed front porches that have been rising in popularity over the last several years. These displays often feature vibrant seasonal staples like mums, corn stalks and pumpkins. While curb appeal is an obvious benefit of an effectively executed porchscape, other positives include introducing a fun place to entertain when temperatures start to dip — a time when friends and neighbors commonly come together outdoors.

Large porches especially make great porchscape candidates, as they can easily accommodate multiple tables and chairs for an evening of snacks and conversation. In addition, porchscapes encourage spending time outdoors — without all typical discomforts of being outside.

2. Textured Fabrics

Cozy fabrics full of texture are key this year to combatting the colder weather. Go from light and breezy summer vibes to a warm and comforting fall feel by loading up on layers of chunky knit throw blankets and decorative pillows in rich fabrics like velvet and wool. Also, as you go to update your bedding or living room textiles, consider mixing things up by including several fabrics in a variety of textures. For example, an inviting, layered look can be had by mixing soft cashmere, knobbly boucle and fluffy faux fur.

3. Safe Refuge

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the idea of homes being a sanctuary solidify. This year, the notion is gaining even more ground when it comes to fall decorating. Homeowners are using the seasonal change as an opening to designate a spot in their house as a special comfort space, whether it be cozying up a window seat with a warm throw and pillows or just dragging a favorite armchair into a quiet corner for a reading nook.

4. Deep, Earthy Colors Inspired by Nature

While you can never go wrong by sticking with the classic fall colors of red, orange and yellow, designers are embracing other earthy hues — deep browns, blues and greens — to create more elegant color palettes. Not only do these shades add a layer of sophistication to fall decor, but also inject a bit of character without being pushy. It’s true, these hues are not traditional fall colors. But the important thing is that they feel appropriate, which they do when used in rich, dark tones with warm undertones.

If your preference is to strictly adhere to traditional colors, consider just a slight variance by including one or two unexpected tones in your scheme to make things interesting. For example, toss in a couple throw pillows in a deep navy blue or contrast your traditional yellow and orange dining table decor with a dark green runner. Another option? Bring some shine to the room with a few sleek metal accents. Metallic decor is great for contrast as well as adding a unique burst of color.

5. Eye-Catching Patterns Full of Personality

With remote work becoming more of a permanent thing, people are trying to find ways to freshen up their home’s most-used spots this fall. In some ways, minimalism in the home has been moving towards extinction, and bright colors and bold patterns that bring life and positive energy to a room are taking its place. Personality is key as people experiment with color and pattern through bold area rugs and saturated accent walls. Just starting out on this bright color and pattern trend? Consider sticking to the smaller rooms of the house, like mudrooms, hallways and powder rooms, to lessen the risk of experimenting.

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