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7 Clever Tricks to Get More Space In Your Shower

7 Clever Tricks to Get More Space In Your Shower

Make the most of your shower space with these smart storage tips and additions.

If you’re frustrated with the lack of storage space in your shower, these ideas can help. Whether remodeling your bathroom and designing the space from scratch or making the most of what you already have, you’ll be able to find a solution that works.

1. Curved Shower Rod

Broaden your shower without stealing any valuable bathroom real estate by installing a curved shower rod. The rod extends out slightly to make your shower noticeably more spacious, but doesn’t infringe on the rest of the room.

2. Stylish Corner Shelf

Simple but effective, the wall niche is a popular choice for integrating storage into your shower. The downside? It can be expensive. That’s why this budget-friendly alternative is so important. Simply install a mitered piece of tile into the corner of your shower to serve as a floating shelf. Voila!

3. Timeless Caddy

Looking for a quick and easy fix for shower storage? Try a classic caddy. Not only is it a no-stress solution, but there are endless options available, including multi-tiered shelving units made from various materials that hang from the showerhead and effectively organize soaps, sponges, razors and shampoo bottles for the entire household.

4. Storage & Safety

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, never skimp when it comes to shower safety. Incorporating a substantial grab bar on your shower wall offers life-saving stability, but as a bonus it can also provide a spot for stashing longer shower items like back brushes. Just be sure not to compromise the safety elements of the grab bar in your quest for storage. Also, try to find types of grab bars that combine safety and storage by incorporating shelves and trays into the design.

5. Built-In Bliss

No matter what your overall shower design may be, incorporating sleek built-in niches is a stylish and seamless storage solution for soaps, bottles and washcloths. Clean and sophisticated, they provide an opportunity to get creative. For example, use small penny tiles in a contrasting color to make the niche stand out. Just make sure that the shelves are tall enough to hold shampoo bottles and other shower necessities.

6. Small Stools or Tables

If your shower space is large enough, consider using a small table or stool to help organize your shower items. Because tables are lightweight and compact, they’re a perfect candidate for mobile storage. Plus, they look fantastic — enhancing the style of any space they’re in.

7. Floating Seat

Installing a fixed floating bench in your shower will give you extra storage as well as a spot to sit down while in the shower. Pairing the bench with a matching built-in cubby above is even better. Everything you need for a safe, comfortable shower experience is right there.

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