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7 Creative Ideas for Storing Throw Blankets

7 Creative Ideas for Storing Throw Blankets

Get cozy with your favorite blanket and banish any worries you may have about clutter with these seven creative storage solutions.

Regardless of where you live, the odds are good that you have a stash of blankets in your home. After all, who doesn’t like to grab a warm blanket on a cold winter evening or even on a summer night when there’s a slight chill from the air conditioning? You probably have a favorite or two that you always like to have handy.

But if you’re noticing that your blankets are starting to accumulate and clutter up your space, it might be time to find a storage solution to keep them organized and out of the way. Here are seven creative ways to corral those blankets while also keeping them within easy reach.

1. Stow Them In a Storage Trunk

Storage trunks are versatile, multifunctional, and are available in many styles, from vintage to brand new. When used in the den or living room, a trunk can serve double duty as a coffee table, in addition to housing throw blankets. Simply tuck some blankets inside next to a few board game favorites and you can free up space on a bookshelf or entertainment center. If you choose to employ a trunk as a coffee table, be sure to use a tray to hold the items on top so that you can easily remove it and grab a cozy blanket on Sunday game night.

2. Make Use of Your Built-Ins

An ideal piece for storing extra blankets is a storage cabinet with glass doors. No built-ins in your home? Don’t worry. A freestanding version in a centrally located area will do the job, making it easy for anyone in the household to grab a blanket when needed. Keep your blankets looking tidy in the cabinet by honing your blanket-folding skills. Or simply put the blankets into cloth bins before placing them on the shelves to hide any messiness.

3. Transform a Spare Firewood Rack

A log holder is another vintage item that can easily be found and repurposed as a storage solution for blankets. You just roll up the blankets tightly so that they resemble firewood and pile them on the rack. Position the rack within reach of your favorite seat, but far enough away from the fireplace to avoid any safety issues. Not only will the blankets look good, but can also be grabbed effortlessly when it’s time to get cozy.

4. Add a Blanket Ladder

Just like ladder bookcases are wonderful for optimizing vertical space, blanket ladders offer the same effectiveness. Simply lean a ladder against the wall, and then fold and hang your prettiest or most-loved blankets on the rungs. Space the blankets out as needed to achieve the best looking display. In this capacity, the ladder doubles as both storage and decor.

5. Keep Them Handy With Hooks

Incorporating hooks to hold blankets is another option for a visually appealing display, and can also be individualized so everyone in the house has their own personal storage spot. All that is required are attractive, heavy-duty hooks installed on the wall in a living room, sunroom or hallway. Each member of the family can then hang their special blanket on their own hook. For best visual appeal, consider using matching blankets or ones that have a similar style, color or pattern.

6. Tuck Them Into an Ottoman

Ottomans are a staple when it comes to relaxing and putting your feet up after a long, difficult day. So, consider taking your relaxation one step further by getting cozy with a soft blanket stashed inside your ottoman. Storage ottomans are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. While many are intended for storing toys or shoes, simply fill yours with blankets instead. They are ideal for keeping blankets hidden from sight but close at hand.

7. Roll Them Into a Basket

Probably one of the easiest and most obvious ways to store blankets is to place them in a basket. You don’t even have to go out and buy a brand new one — just repurpose an existing one you already have. It’s as easy as folding, rolling or tossing a few blankets inside. Your blanket basket can be placed just about anywhere in the house, but try to keep it out of walkways or high-traffic areas. Popular spots include stashing it under a console or into a corner. Keep things fresh by rotating blankets in and out seasonally.

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