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7 Easy Ways to Streamline a Compact Kitchen

7 Easy Ways to Streamline a Compact Kitchen

Keeping a small kitchen orderly can be challenging — unless you put these simple ideas to work for you.

This might come as a shock, but you don’t actually need tons of counter space, cupboards and drawers to have an orderly kitchen that is pleasant to prepare meals in. Having a compact kitchen is actually motivation to streamline your belongings and get down to the basics. Here are seven simple ways to regain order in your small kitchen.

1. First Step? Utensil Rack.

Incorporating a utensil rack will give you a designated spot for your ladles and slotted spoons that is easy to reach while cooking. In addition, you’ll also clear out some drawer space.

Not sure where to hang a utensil rack? Even in the smallest of small kitchens there’s typically a spot to squeeze one in above the stove or under a shelf or cupboard. There are lots of styles to choose from as well, some more user-friendly than others. Stainless steel designs tend to be pretty universal and are easy to keep clean.

2. Knife Holder is Next.

A magnetic knife rack or counter block is an often overlooked item, but it truly does make a difference in improving function in a kitchen. Hunting around in a drawer for something you use frequently is counterproductive and frustrating.

Ideally, consider a wall-mounted knife rack, as it organizes without taking up a lot of room. Also advised? Investing in quality knives, since they can last you a lifetime. Magnetic racks are great for investing in your knife collection over time, as opposed to having to buy an entire knife block full of knives, which can be quite expensive. If you’re starting your knife collection from scratch, the essential ones you’ll need right away are a paring knife, bread knife and chef’s knife.

3. Appoint Dedicated Storage Spaces.

It’s easy for clutter to build up in the kitchen, so a good way to combat this is to designate certain cupboards for specific purposes — and adhere to it. Then, every week or two, take a few minutes to put away any stray items, like pot covers or plastic lids, and to tidy up any leaks or spills. Just this little bit of effort will go a long way in making your daily kitchen experience more enjoyable.

4. Scale Back the Quantities.

In all small kitchens, but especially super compact ones, it’s a good idea to cut back on any extra belongings. For example, is it really necessary to have more than a few plates, drinking glasses or mugs for just one or two people in your household?

As a bonus, getting rid of stuff can be an extremely freeing experience and will cut back on the time you spend cleaning up.

5. Consider Corner Cupboards & Drawers.

When space is limited, it can be a game changer having a unit of pullout corner drawers installed. This resolves the issue of inaccessible space in standard hard-to-access bottom cabinets.

Remodeling soon? Consider how you would make use of such a unit and what physical drawer makeup would best serve your space. For example, a shallow top drawer accompanied by two deeper ones might be a good fit if you plan to house things like cutlery, towels, pans and dishes.

6. Install a Pullout Pan Rack.

Similarly, a pullout pan rack can make a huge difference in a tiny kitchen by giving your pots and pans an orderly home and keeping you from searching around in deep, dark cupboards. Also, consider putting pullout racks to work for things like large, awkward casserole dishes and steamers.

7. Organize What Isn’t Seen.

This may sound obvious, but in many cases what ultimately organizes a kitchen — big or small — is the way in which we arrange the space inside our cupboards. Storage specialty items like hooks, racks, and shelf and drawer dividers are absolute musts for keeping things orderly. Take some time to figure out what works in your kitchen, and don’t be afraid to customize if you can. For example, think about things like whether mugs on shelves, hooks or in drawers are a better configuration. Are you a Tupperware and Mason jar person? Finding storage solutions typically comes down to personal preferences.

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