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7 Effective Ways to Store Handbags and Purses

7 Effective Ways to Store Handbags and Purses

Easy and stylish, these organizing ideas will make sure all your precious bags have a home.

Closet organization mainly focuses on shoes and clothes, with accessories like purses and handbags as an afterthought. But these accessories deserve to have their own space like everything else in the closet.

When you think of your wardrobe, it’s likely that purses and bags come in as one of your biggest investments. You can prolong their life by keeping them neatly organized, as you’ll minimize potential damage like rips, holes and stains. This also helps if you choose to resell any of your handbags in the future. Additionally, organizing your purses allows you to see what you have, which helps you make proper use of them. After all, you bought them to be seen, right?

Here are some storage ideas for purses that will help your closet stay clutter-free and streamline how you get ready for the day.

1. Shelf Dividers

Typically seen being used to organize folded jeans or bulky sweaters, shelf dividers also work well for keeping purses in line. Simply find tall shelf dividers that affix onto your closet shelves — wire or wood. Then get to work lining up your medium-sized bags on the shelf. If your handbags don’t stand upright, stuff them with tissue paper or bubble wrap.

2. Wall Hooks

This idea is not only fun to look at, but functional as well. Find an empty wall in your closet or nearby, and install a bunch of hooks to arrange your most prized purses, as well as hats and scarves. The display will appear decorative, but also maximizes vertical space and lets you view and find your favorite accessories in a snap.

3. Inside of Closet Door

Do you have access to the inside of your closet door? This is a handy spot that is typically overlooked for storage. Options include installing singular hooks or a rack to hang bags with long straps, like cross-body purses. Adhesive hooks can also be used for a renter-friendly solution. Lightweight handbags are the best choice for this method of storage since hooks aren’t usually meant to hold more than a few pounds, maximum.

4. Designated Clutch Organizers

There are actually organizers made specifically to store clutches. While they come in a variety of styles and materials, one of the most popular is an acrylic finish so that your purses look as though they are on display. These organizers feature individual slots so that the purses are protected from rubbing or pressing against each other, which is especially helpful for purses with ornate embellishments.

5. Cube Storage Unit

Cubbies — whether in an entryway or closet — are a simple organizing fix for those with a lot of accessories. Cube storage units can be freestanding or wall-mounted, and come in a range of sizes and shapes. Try to pick one that works for your needs, and make it visually appealing by alternating handbag cubbies with ones containing storage baskets full of small items. Do not force any purses into a cube that is too small. Rather, place any oversized purses on top of the unit to avoid harm.

6. Hanging Cubby Organizer

This type of cubby organizer hangs from the pole in your closet and is usually filled with sweaters, jeans, accessories and more. But they are also great for organizing purses, clutches and wallets — just be sure to place the items in the cubbies so that they are standing upright. Stay away from adding anything heavy so that the lightweight cubbies don’t get stretched or bent out of shape.

7. Out-of-the-Way Luggage Solution

Because of their size and bulk, large handbags and totes can be tricky to store. We’re talking things like weekenders, suitcases, and duffel bags. But these awkward items need a home, too. The good news? You’re probably not using these big bags often, so they can be stashed somewhere out of the way, like a high shelf in your own closet or in a guest room.

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