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7 Eye-Catching Outdoor Christmas Light Display Ideas

7 Eye-Catching Outdoor Christmas Light Display Ideas

Let there be light… Give your yard a colorful glow this season with these illuminating outdoor lighting ideas.

Whether it’s just a simple application of string lights around the door or an entire herd of sparkling reindeer congregating in the front yard, bringing festive Christmas lights to your home will not only bring good cheer to your family, but the entire neighborhood.

Not sure what to do with your home? Here are some creative and relatively simple Christmas light ideas to accommodate all different price points.

1. Create a String Light Frame Around the Front Door

Affordable and effective, string lights bring a twinkle of magic to any outdoor space all year round. But they are more than just decorative — they’re also useful in highlighting focal points like walkways or entryways, and delineating outdoor areas, such as dining and seating spaces. Before investing in exterior lights to go around your front door, explore the different bulb styles available, like teardrops, classic globes, and squirrel cages. Each will create a different effect. You can also use color to customize the look. A series of red, green and white, for instance, brings a festive vibe. White lights paired with pine garland around exterior doors creates a more natural look.

2. Illuminate a Path With Candy Cane Lights

Head out to your local home improvement store and find yourself some festive stake lights to light up your outdoor pathways — like candy canes. Whimsical and fun, candy cane lights also bring a traditional feel to your holiday display. To enhance the effect, consider leaning into the sugar-coated theme by hanging string lights around your home’s main features — doorways, windows, eaves. The overall effect is reminiscent of iced Christmas cookies or a gingerbread house.

3. Use Christmas Figures to Create a Scene

Nothing helps bring the spirit of the holidays to life like enchanting light-up Christmas figures in the front yard. Place a noble stag near your front walkway to greet your guests, or turn your front yard into the North Pole with some reindeer and a sleigh. Is your front yard space on the small side? Consider moving the twinkling Christmas scene to the roof instead. No matter which figures you choose, one thing’s for certain: They’ll create a charming display that’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

4. Light Up Your Home With a Projector

Christmas magic is the name of the game when you choose an LED light projector to light up your home’s exterior. Pick from a variety of themes, from the whimsical Santa Claus and snowmen to classic snowflakes, falling snow or twinkling lights. While there’s no doubt Christmas light projectors will make your neighborhood more festive, the best part about this choice of lighting is that they’re pretty much no-hassle — no climbing ladders, untangling string lights, or dealing with extension cords. Just keep in mind when purchasing a projector that the three key factors to look for are brightness, display modes, and surface area covered. In addition, make sure it’s outdoor-friendly and water-resistant.

5. Make the Trees Sparkle with String Lights

The barren winter trees in your yard turn into stunning outdoor decor when wrapped with twinkling Christmas lights. Simply find a tree or two that have an appealing form and a relatively balanced distribution of branches, then wrap string lights evenly around the trunk and branches. The overall appearance of the trees will depend on the color of the lights, so think carefully before choosing. Blue and bright white string lights provide a cool, icy vibe, while warmer white lights bring a cozier, more classic look. Multi-colored lights are fun and cheerful.

6. Hang Icicle Lights to Ensure a White Christmas

Especially charming in areas that don’t get snow, icicle lights help make your dreams of a white Christmas come true. These types of lights are designed to give the appearance of real icicles and are usually attached to the home’s eaves. The effect is enhanced by staggered lengths of LEDs that dangle down. Icicle lights are also pretty hung just above the windows of your home. Since they dangle in front of the window panes, the lights can be appreciated both indoors and out. Try to find icicle lights that feature various colors, brightnesses, and lighting modes so they can be adjusted throughout the holiday season.

7. Starburst Lights Bring a Gentle Glow

You’ll be bursting with Christmas spirit when you add starburst lights to your seasonal outdoor display. Also known as firework lights, these are a subtle yet chic addition that will bring a peaceful glow and some extra sparkle to your home’s exterior. Consider hanging a run of them from a pergola or in a tree. Not much room to work with? No problem. Line a walkway with starburst stake lights instead.

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