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7 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Holiday Decorating

7 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Holiday Decorating

While pulling out boxes and bins full of old, nostalgic Christmas decorations has a charming, sentimental appeal, you should always leave room in your holiday decorating to try something new.

If you need a change from the standard red and green, or shimmering bows and shiny tinsel, here is the inspiration you need. Here are some holiday decorating ideas that bring a fresh and unexpected feel, but yet still harken back to joyful tidings. Who knows? One of these just might become a new holiday tradition.

1. Work With What You Have

Your existing home decor is an ideal place to begin when working on a pretty holiday scene. Rather than taking out all of your everyday furnishings in order to make room for the holiday decor, turn your current accessories into the holiday decor. For example, to make an immediate difference, try corralling similar items into groups, such as glassware, pillar candles, or pottery collections, and adding a seasonal piece or two in with the groups. You can also enhance a fireplace hearth or mantel shelf by finding ways to transform them for the season.

2. Go Nontraditional

Taking an out-of-the-box approach to your holiday decorating isn’t against the law. Whatever puts you in a festive mood should be embraced — even if it’s burning seasonal candles or adding ornaments to houseplants. Don’t worry about an imperfect presentation. Simply focus on the positive and make the best of what you have. In fact, inspiration can be found in holiday decorating that feels effortless, especially if humor is attached. For instance, rather than sorting out knotted and tangled string lights, just stick the whole big mess under a glass cloche and be done with it. It’ll look incredible and no one will be the wiser.

3. Keep Things Minimalist

One of the biggest untruths about holiday decorating is that you have to completely transform your home’s aesthetics. Reality is you really don’t have to stray too far. Minimalism can be very powerful. Your holiday decor should fit with your home’s style, and if that is a sleek, streamlined aesthetic, then there’s no need for flashy traditional decorations and over-the-top trees. Instead, seek out more natural alternatives like fresh greenery, simple holiday decor, and sparsely adorned trees.

4. Drop a Dose of Unexpected Color

More often than not, Christmas decorating means traditional color palettes. But the simple truth is that they aren’t for everyone. Luckily, there are many ways to evoke the holiday spirit while turning to an unexpected color palette.

Holiday decor should emanate from your own personal design and color preferences. Just about any color scheme can be incorporated with your furnishings and made to look festive. Red and green are not mandatory!

5. Embrace the Natural

Minimalist holiday decorating can be done so well that your houseguests barely notice it. Effective touches include adding snow white poinsettias or enhancing your dining table with fragrant greenery and candles. Keeping things natural brings a fresh feel to a home during the holidays, in a way most don’t expect.

A significant way to embrace the natural holiday feel is by allowing your Christmas tree to take center stage — without all the ornaments and bling. Just light it up and enjoy it in all its natural glory. This is also a major time saver.

Strategically placed vases of pine branches are another natural decor idea gaining in popularity. Subtle yet chic, you can inject some distinct holiday cheer just by heading out to the back yard.

6. Decorate the Bathroom

Christmas decorations don’t always make it into bathroom spaces. But why not? Simply gather small seasonal accessories that are safe in a bathroom environment, such as a grouping of small decorative trees, gathering some themed candles, or even hanging a light-up wreath in the window.

7. Stressed? Just Skip It Altogether

So many times we feel like we have to participate in an activity or it somehow makes us less of a person. When it comes to decorating for Christmas, if you don’t have the time or the money, or just don’t feel the spirit of it this year, we give you permission to skip it. While this option may not be for everyone, feeling a big sense of relief at the thought of forgoing holiday decorations is a sign that it could be for you. If you decide to go this route, embrace it wholeheartedly — without guilt or apology. Then turn your energy to something you love. Maybe even something that will serve you in the coming new year.

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