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8 Clever Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

8 Clever Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Turn your compact bedroom into a cozy retreat with these stylish, strategic, and clever decorating tips and storage solutions.

A bedroom doesn’t need tons of floor space or ultra high ceilings to feel lavish. Small bedrooms, in fact, commonly have a more intimate and relaxing feel to them. The trick to a stylish, yet highly-functioning bedroom is to use space, color and accessories so that they are equally functional and visually appealing. While you definitely don’t want to cut back on style, you also shouldn’t be stumbling over chair legs or rolling out of bed every morning and ramming into your dresser.

Creativity is key when it comes to making certain your compact space suits your needs — from layout and storage to furnishings and design choices. When done right, each piece works with the others to create a bedroom oasis that is organized and comfortable. Regardless of what bedroom in the house you’re looking to update, these tips will help you get the most out of the space and make it feel bigger than it is.

1. Focus on Function

In order to maximize a small bedroom, you must first figure out how you want to use the space. Obviously sleeping is going to be a major function, but you may also want to use the room as a dressing room in the morning, or carve out a corner for a home office. To make various functions work smoothly, it’s almost certain you’ll have to get creative with the furniture arrangement. For example, placing a small desk by your bed so that it can serve as both a workstation and a nightstand. Also, if you have room in the closet, consider putting your dresser in there to free up prime floor space.

2. Downsize the Furniture

In a cramped bedroom environment, turn to furnishings with slim profiles and less visual weight to help maximize space. Opt for a full-size bed rather than a larger queen-size one. Pick nightstands and a bed frame with sleek lines to project a more open aesthetic. Pass on the big, bulky freestanding bookcase and instead go with wall-mounted floating shelves for storage. Just by cutting down your furniture you can make a significant difference in the spaciousness of your small bedroom.

3. Open Up the Layout

Although purchasing the largest bed possible might be tempting, stuffing it in your small bedroom can make the space feel confined. A better idea? Find a low-profile bed frame that won’t dominate the room, like a metal bed with an open headboard and footboard that you can see through. Another option is a bed without a footboard, such as storage or platform beds. By minimizing your bed’s profile, you’ll help open up the middle of the room and make the space feel bigger.

4. Go With Bold Decor

When it comes to bold decor, there are two options to choose from that are quite different. First, you can go with saturated colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, or hunter green, and make the room dark and snuggly. Or second, you can embrace a light and airy feel with sheer windows and a bright hue on the walls, like sunbeam yellow or crisp white. Either approach works well, just be sure not to be weak with it. Due to the small size of the room, you can go bold without a lot of effort or financial risk.

5. Squeeze in Storage

When working with a compact room, potential storage space is everywhere. For example, you can easily stow sweater boxes under the bed, but if you jack up the bed frame on blocks and add a longer skirt, you can also stash a full set of luggage. Also, consider positioning a storage ottoman beneath the window to hold additional bedding, or using a small chest as a nightstand to increase drawer space. Organizer systems in the closet of a small bedroom work wonders for making the most of the space. Also, opt for a hanging bookshelf rather than a freestanding one that takes up floor space.

6. Embrace Natural Light

Black-out window treatments may not be the best fit for a small bedroom. Instead, consider maximizing available light by embracing the room’s natural sunlight, which will help bring a warm and airy feel to the compact space. Layer curtains with a shade that can block out light so that you not only gain style, but also a way to control how much light the room receives at any given time.

7. Incorporate Rounded Edges

Small bedrooms work well with furniture featuring rounded edges. Rounded pieces will consume less floor space, which helps open up walkways. Round storage ottomans and half-circle nightstands make perfect picks for compact bedroom decor.

8. Make Use of Design Tricks

Positioning small bedroom window treatments near the ceiling creates the illusion of taller walls. To try this out and find the right height, have a friend hold the curtains up so that the ends barely brush the floor. Little fixes like this can make a significant difference.

If the small bedroom you’re dealing with has unusual corners and nooks to work around, consider using crisp, light colors to downplay these features. Painting the ceiling and walls the same color will help minimize slanted ceilings and any tricky angles.

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