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8 Pieces of Furniture That are Always In Style

8 Pieces of Furniture That are Always In Style

Trends may be fun, but they never seem to last very long. Give your home a look that never goes out of style with these eight timeless pieces of furniture.

1. Wingback Chair

Dating all the way back to 17th Century England, wingback chairs feature curved sides and a high back meant to insulate the occupier from drafts while seated fireside. Fast-forward to today? Wingback chairs are remarkably versatile. Freed from their original hearthside duties, they are suitable for many uses throughout the home, such as a cozy reading spot in the den or captain’s chairs at the dining table.

2. Chesterfield Sofa

A classic choice for any living area, the Chesterfield sofa has been credited to Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. While any sofa featuring an equal back and arms can technically be referred to as a Chesterfield, the name typically brings to mind a distinct vision: low seat base, rolled arms, and button-tufted upholstery. Pairing a low profile with elegant contours produces a look that is sophisticated yet casual — the perfect combination of formal and relaxed. Traditionally Chesterfield sofas were upholstered in leather, however they are now available in a wide range of fabrics, from linen to velvet.

3. Trestle Table

Trestle tables find their origins in Medieval times as a simple wood plank set on basic folding legs. They were designed for convenience — to be put up and taken down easily, as most castles back then lacked a proper dining room. Nowadays, trestle tables still serve the same purpose — a basic table for enjoying a meal with family and friends — but have become more permanent and much more stylish.

4. Bentwood Chairs

It may seem obvious, but bentwood chairs have the name they do because their frame is bent into a curved shape. Michael Thonet, who mastered the process of harnessing hot steam to make the wood pliable and then letting the wood dry and set into shape, is credited with the bentwood chair design. Simple and elegant, these chairs easily blend into many design styles and home environments — from your grandmother’s breakfast table to the trendiest local eatery.

5. Leather Club Chair

A French creation, the club chair was originally dubbed “fauteuil confortable” or “the comfortable chair” — which is the very reason why this piece of furniture will remain in style for a very long time. Featuring a low back and arms, straightforward curved lines, and most often leather upholstery and nailhead trim, the club chair brings immediate sophistication, embodies relaxed classiness, and is a popular addition to game rooms and man caves.

6. Shaker Dresser

Shaker pieces are made to personify the Shaker beliefs of simplicity, utility and honesty. Original Shaker furniture had to be genuine in construction and aesthetics, without any decorative embellishments, and made from local American woods. Shaker dressers feature a minimalist design, including basic turned-wood knobs. They continue to remain popular in cottage, traditional and transitional styled bedrooms.

7. Chaise Lounge

This dynamic piece features a French name meaning “long chair,” but the design — the blending of a chair and a daybed — actually goes back to ancient Egypt. And as you’d imagine, the Romans and the Greeks appreciated them too. In 1800, a painting of Madame Recamier by Jacques-Louis David inspired the wholesale adoption of the chaise lounge to the masses. In fact, it was quite rare that a Victorian home was without one. Over the centuries, the chaise has seen many style changes, from tufted and overstuffed to streamlined leather with sophisticated stainless accents. You should have no trouble finding a chaise to complement your own personal design preferences.

8. Platform Bed

Platform beds — a mattress placed on a raised surface, by definition — is considered the oldest bed design. Due to their streamlined frames and either a low headboard or no headboard at all, they are ideal for modern or contemporary spaces. But don’t discount them altogether for traditional and transitional designs. Just upholster the frame and add a simple headboard with some height to it. Available in countless forms, color choices and styles, platform beds will always be in fashion.

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