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Essential Elements of the Trendy ‘Old-Money Decor’ Aesthetic

Essential Elements of the Trendy ‘Old-Money Decor’ Aesthetic

Find out what you need to know to incorporate the trending old money aesthetic in your home — without having a trust fund.

As a backlash against the last 10 years or so of open-concept living, we now see a trend full of cozy landing areas and meaningful decor. In fact, we’re gravitating towards decor that is familiar and almost nostalgic as we lean into more traditional rooms. If you’re one who has switched out your home decor with every new trend, this return to an older, more stable style will be welcomed. No more having to reinvent your space constantly. You can now embrace a timeless style that is both classy and long-lasting.

Key Elements of ‘Old Money Decor’

▪️ Color

Old money color palettes are layered and full of dimension, but they are also well-balanced with lots of classic black and whites or warm neutrals to give the space some room to breathe. As for colors, think deep greens, burgundies, blushes, and blues in historic shades.

▪️ Pattern

As you may have guessed, plaids, stripes, florals and botanicals are key when it comes to old money style. You can also throw in a bit of animal hide or animal print for an edgy touch. No matter which patterns you pick, be sure to balance them with solid hues so that the end result looks well-planned.

▪️ Antiques

Antiques are not optional to achieve this look, they are a necessity. If you’re not familiar with antiques, wade in slowly by incorporating vintage books and boxes so that you can see how you feel about antiques before diving in with bigger investments. Books and boxes are not only small and easy to move, but quite versatile. Once you’re comfortable, invest further with either a chest or commode, as they can be used just about anywhere, from a bedside table in a bedroom to a statement piece in a formal room.

Where do you find antiques? Frequenting your local thrift shops and antique stores is a great start. With these second-hand options, you can put together an impressive (and budget-friendly!) collected-over-time look, even without an incredible collection of personal family heirlooms. Remember, it’s not necessary for you to purchase everything at once. After the basic setup is established, adding one special piece at a time works just fine.

▪️ Texture

Balancing texture is just as important as layering in color, pattern and vintage objects. For example, work in elements that feature mirrors, marble, crystal, brass, and rich wood tones. Nothing has to be super expensive. Items just have to look a little varnished and like they have a past.

How to Decorate

The action plan when it comes to achieving the old money aesthetic in your home can be summed up in one word: curate.

Thought and meaning should accompany every single addition. Each layer, accessory and furnishing must have a purpose that enhances the room’s look or function in some way. Even more important? Each piece should have a connection to you personally, meaning that they’re items you love.

Avoid an overly busy or uneven look by focusing on color palettes and room-to-room transitions. As you walk from one room to the next, it should flow and feel cohesive. If you’re a collector, then your collections can be used as a thread to tie rooms together. Simply spread your collections throughout the home.

If incorporating this layered approach to home decor is new to you, expect finding the right balance to be an exercise of trial and error. While there is freedom in this aesthetic to go bold in certain areas, they must simultaneously be balanced by areas of restraint. It’s all about finding the balance between streamlined furnishings and ornate chandeliers, classic artwork and statement wallpaper, and eye-catching marble and understated woods.

Understanding how and when to either ramp things up or cool things down is usually best left to the eye, but there’s definitely room for adjustments. From fabrics to finishes, tones and textures, incorporating items throughout your home will create a new and exciting vibe. Just approach this aesthetic with patience and a focus on detail, and you can put together a look that is on trend, but also one that lasts for years to come.

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