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Now Trending: Home Decor Inspired By Ancient Greece

Now Trending: Home Decor Inspired By Ancient Greece

Incorporate this classic style into your home decor with these five easy tips.

Classic designs from yesteryear have flourished over the last several cycles, but ancient Greece-inspired furnishings go back even further. Although there are several theories why these trends are surfacing now, one that makes a lot of sense is them being a natural response to living more secluded lifestyles the last couple years. People simply want to incorporate the travel adventures they’re missing into their homes.

Regardless of the reasons, classical Greece-inspired motifs are popping up everywhere. And since this trend is expected to continue, here are some ways to embrace the style and incorporate it into your home.

Add Iconic Accessories

If you had to choose the most iconic representation of Greek decor, it would probably be the bust sculpture. A traditional decorative accessory, now easily found in vintage shops and big-box stores alike, the bust provides a straightforward way to bring a classic touch to side tables and bookshelves. As a modern twist, consider finding a bust that provides an unexpected function, like a vase or planter. Bold color is another way to give this classic piece a contemporary interpretation.

Try a Greece-Inspired Color Palette

Putting a visual to the definitive Greek color combination of bright white and rich cerulean blue might bring to mind images of the sun-swept buildings on the Greek islands. To incorporate this classic imagery into your decor, begin with a clean slate of white walls and punctuate the space with deep blue accents via textiles, furniture and accessories.

Highlight Architectural Elements

Ancient Greek architecture frequently used elements like arches and columns. If your home features these components, consider showcasing them through strategic paint color choices and furniture layouts. If it does not, then give these structures a tip-of-the-hat through furnishings with column-like shapes or arched designs. In addition, motifs like vines, scrolls and urns are also classically Greek and simple to mix into existing decor through furnishings and accessories.

Decorate With Greek Key Patterns

Also known as a meander, the Greek key pattern is a geometric motif that repeats. In ancient times, it was often used as a border on architecture, pottery, and other objects. It’s actually considered one of the most identifiable symbols of ancient Greece and is still quite popular today. You can find the motif on textiles like blankets, pillows, rugs and drapes, as well as accessory items like vases and photo frames. Any of these will bring instant Greek style to any space.

Use Classic Design Principles

Classical design includes the key principles of order and symmetry, which are concepts easily applied to your own home decorating endeavors. For example, when arranging a room, try imagining a line right through the center and developing your composition so that each side of the line is visually equal. In other words, aim for balance. Even if both sides are not identical, visual balance is still possible. Obviously, using matching pieces is an easy way to produce symmetry, but a more informal balance can be achieved by incorporating pieces of equivalent visual weight.

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