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This Year’s Most Popular Storage and Organizing Trends

This Year’s Most Popular Storage and Organizing Trends

As you begin planning for a tidier home this year, here’s what you can expect to find when it comes to storage and organization.

With the home organizing industry always changing, there is an abundance of smart products and effective methods available today. Homeowners are leaning towards systems that not only help them save time and money, but also work with their specific lifestyle.

As we get deeper into this new year, keep your eyes open for more organizing products that are environmentally friendly as well as those that streamline the work-from-home experience.

Sustainability is Key

Being eco-friendly while organizing isn’t a new thing. We saw recycled and sustainable products in last year’s trends. However, this year the sustainable storage movement is getting bigger. Expanded options of environmentally friendly organizing solutions are available and getting the job done in a big way.

As an alternative to plastic products that end up in landfills, look for containers made from materials like rattan, jute and hyacinth to sort out your belongings. Baskets made from natural materials, glass jars with bamboo lids, and storage bins made from recycled plastics are other good options to consider.

Coordinating Minimalism

Forget minimalism being a trend, it has officially become a lifestyle. Taking on a mentality of “less is more” is an effective way to ward off clutter and have more space available in your home. Like sustainability, the concept of minimalism isn’t a new one, but this year you can expect to see an added twist: coordination.

In short, mismatched items are leaving the building. Homeowners are pulling out their collectible cups and souvenir mugs and replacing them with streamlined, matching sets in clear or neutral hues. After all, not only does it save money, but having an at-home coffee beverage feels extra indulgent when using a classy mug and gold spoon. And as a bonus, your countertops and cabinets will look more open and less cluttered. This trend can be thought of as the contemporary version of china collections of yesteryear.

Enhanced Home Offices

Work-from-home spaces continue to gain in popularity as we head into 2023, but now have a focus on creating workstations that are upscale as well as functional. At this point it’s clear that remote work is here to stay, so people are beginning to invest in home offices as a long-term reality in their home.

But even if your job has returned to normal and you no longer work from home, having a designated area to take care of household paperwork and bills is still worthwhile. There are loads more office organizing products on the market than ever before, so you’ll have no problem finding attractive and effective items to fit your needs. Whether it’s reorganizing desk drawers or expanding existing storage capabilities, expect this to be a significant trend this year as individuals try to elevate their productivity and the atmosphere of their home office.

Customized Solutions

Home renovation in general has been on the rise the last few years, not only to increase storage capacity but also to help make the space function better for your family’s particular needs. Renovations include custom closets and kitchens, but more recently have been impacted by the high costs of lumber and shipping issues. As we head into the new year, more economical options are starting to emerge.

Track systems, for example, are being installed as an alternative to expensive cabinetry. While both options have their pros and cons, track systems are less of an investment when compared to wood. They are also customizable — shelves can be moved and drawers can be added — so are capable of growing with your family as you accumulate more belongings.

If you plan on renovating this year, be sure to think about function as much as aesthetics. Incorporate handy solutions like sliding cabinets for trash and recycling, built-in spice racks, and an appliance garage to park your toaster.

Prioritized Pantries

While we can still agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, this year we’re seeing the focus turn more specifically to the pantry. People are prioritizing their pantries, particularly centering on their efficiency and functionality.

Pantries are absolutely essential to a kitchen, from helping with meal prep to storing baking supplies and snacks. If your pantry is disorganized and chaotic, it can quickly become a hot spot for expired food and needless waste. Through the popularity of space-saving food containers and stackable solutions, there has been a rise in pantry organization designs that are purposeful. So go ahead! Store those dried goods to your heart’s content.

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