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Top Home Renovation Trends Expected for 2023

Top Home Renovation Trends Expected for 2023

Personalizing a home and making it feel like your own is one of the best parts of home ownership. As we head into 2023, here are five top renovations you can expect to see.

With the pandemic still influencing how we work and relax at home, you’ll see those changes prioritized in the home renovations this coming year. Pair that with an uptick in the costs of materials and a really high housing market, and renovations will most likely focus on enhancements in comfort and functionality. In addition, expect projects deemed “optional” to take a backseat to those that are non-discretionary, like fixes and repairs to existing home features.

Here are five home renovation trends predicted to be big during this next year.

Home Offices

More and more people are regularly working from the comfort of home and this trend is expected to inspire an uptick in home office renovations. This can mean anything from a simple upgrade of an existing home office to building a dedicated room for home office space.

In addition, garages and outdoor sheds are being constructed or transformed into home offices. This allows those who have jobs other than the typical 9 to 5 desk job to work from home. Artists, music teachers, therapists, and others can work conveniently from their homes, removing the hassle and expense of leasing commercial office space.

Energy-Efficient Improvements

A focus on energy efficiency is emerging as homeowners try to find ways to tamp down energy costs and make their homes more eco-friendly. The Inflation Reduction Act passed this year, which means some home improvements will be subsidized through Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit. Put simply, homeowners have added incentive to go ahead with home improvements that are energy efficient, including solar panel installation.

Other ways homeowners can increase energy efficiency in their homes next year is through smart HVAC systems, installing appliances that are energy efficient, and adding insulation.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Since people are generally spending more time at home, homeowners are on the lookout for ways to expand their livable space — including outside. Particularly when the weather starts to warm up in the spring, renovations will begin to move outdoors. Gardens, patios and decks will all be popular in 2023 as homeowners continue to focus on outdoor living spaces that are not only comfortable, but also functional — including outdoor kitchens and areas for entertaining.

Kitchen & Bathroom Enhancements

With this heightened focus on practical renovations, expect areas of the home that are high-use, including bathrooms and kitchens, to be prioritized for upgrades in 2023. Projects like replacing older appliances, swapping out faucets, updating light fixtures, and upgrading cabinets and countertops will move to the forefront.

Also expected to be hot are customized cabinetry with concealed built-ins featured in bathrooms and kitchens alike. For example, hidden dishwashers, pantries, refrigerators, and closets that merge seamlessly with their surroundings.

Multi-Dwelling Residences

More fallout from increasing interest rates and real estate costs is the rising need for multi-dwelling homes. Groups of friends or family members are pulling together to maximize their purchasing power, with the goal of dividing a home into more than one residence, or incorporating a supplemental apartment.

Along the same lines, adapting homes to accommodate multi-generational living is a trend that will continue. The shift in the economy is pushing more and more families to live together under the same roof, as kids return home or elderly parents move in. As a result, many homeowners are redrawing floor plans, and adding separate kitchens and entrances. Others are creating wholly self-contained apartments.

No matter what the forecasted trends may be, the most important thing is that you prioritize the projects best for your family. After all, trends can come and go rather quickly. If a trend doesn’t seem well-suited to your family’s needs, don’t feel pressured to adopt it just to fit in.

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